Premiering Rob Dobson's Twangy Cosmic New Track "Wasted Life"

We have a lot of time to let our minds wander and get distracted these days. But solo musician Rob Dobson wants you to put down the phone, disconnect, and let your mind wander to a dusty planet in another galaxy where sad cowboys sing their troubles away.

“Wasted Life,” the first single from Dobson’s upcoming debut album New Dystopia, serves you a shot of whiskey on the rings of Saturn. He uses shimmering acoustic guitar paired with twangy lap steel to give “Wasted Life” that signature Americana vibe, but keeps his sound fresh and futuristic by adding strong synth hooks and melancholy lyrics that anyone can relate to right now. There’s so much pressure to be productive during quarantine, but with all this technology readily available, it’s difficult not to get distracted.

Dobson says the old Western sounding track is supposed to encourage you to disconnect. “Nobody wants to be remembered for how much they played with their phone,” he says. “Now that we’re all stuck inside indefinitely I think it’s even more relevant; what are you going to do with this time?”

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