Premiering +/- {Plus/Minus}'s Quarantine Song/Video "Isolation 01: Just Let It Pass"

When COVID-19 lockdown hit NYC, +/- {Plus/Minus} found themselves isolated from each other—but still bursting with the strong urge to create music together. Since they’re unable to be in a room together to bounce ideas off each other and jam out, the dreamy crunch-rock-supreme Brooklyn-based trio +/- {Plus/Minus} found another way.

After researching several video chat forums, they decided to just record what’s in their hearts and send them to each other and see what grows. Thus, they created the song “Isolation 01: Just Let It Pass” with a video accompaniment that goes creatively beyond any walls put up by quarantine. It features cooing vocals, along with acoustic and electric guitar, keys, drums, and even a martini shaker making beautiful music and all recorded in the individual homes of +/- {Plus/Minus}.

The track begins with drummer Chris Deaner sharing the group on a small song structure he filmed himself playing. After that, each band member shared their own filmed jam session and passed it along. Eventually, “Isolation 01: Just Let It Pass” was born. “We passed around the track like that for a couple of weeks and edited the video simultaneously until we got to the final result,” James Baluyut (guitar/vocals) says. “It was fun and it was inspiring to do it an such an unfamiliar way.”

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+/- {Plus/Minus}, “Isolation 01: Just Let It Pass”