Premiering "Please Call After Me" from Post Fear's Upcoming Debut Album

Born from Brooklyn-based artist Trey Powell, Post Fear was created out of solitude during the height of the pandemic. Unable to physically connect with those that inspire you has the potential to block anyone’s creativity. But Powell was able to tap into a deeper part of himself during isolation, and the waves of immense emotion he was able to explore shine through Post Fear’s melodies.

The debut single from Post Fear “Please Call After Me” sets the foundation of a musician unafraid to share their existential crisis. Singing about technology’s failure at truly connecting humanity with one another, the echoing layered guitars and calming vocals actually give this dramatic subject a tinge of hopefulness.

“This song is about how disconnected we all have become from one another as technology has replaced many of our formerly-organic interactions,” Powell says. “We retreat into our lonely, sunken worlds despite the fact that we have such longing for community and one another.”

Prior Art is out 10/23—pre-order here! In the meantime, be the firs to listen to Post Fear’s “Please Call After Me” below.

Post Fear, “Please Call After Me”