Premiering Parker Woodland's Cathartic Video for "The World's On Fire (and We Still Fall in Love)"

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we need to handle our problems head-on. Parker Woodland says that loud and clear in the track “The World’s On Fire (and We Still Fall in Love),” but they also make sure to appreciate the little things.

“The wild trick of life is facing pain and injustice head-on, while also basking in beauty, art, community, and all the good stuff that persists in spite of tyrants and violence,” frontwoman Erin Walter says.  “When I wrote it, I wanted an anthem for cathartic singing along—for all our friends jumping up on stage at the end of a show.”

The home-video style music video features scenes from the last few gatherings before the pandemic, including a friendly party, family gathering, and DIY live show highlighting the beauty of it all. Family members hugging each other, friends laughing together, musicians rockin’ out—it shows you that love is still out there, that it always has been, and always will be. The cathartic scenes roll by while the track thrashes and bounces with Walter’s chanting vocals keeping the melody fast and optimistic.

“We miss everyone terribly and Parker Woodland can’t wait to play live again,” Walter adds. “This video exists as a testament to joy and a document of what we are fighting for now.

From the upcoming EP of the same name (out Feb. 5), be the first to watch Parker Woodland’s video for “The World’s On Fire (and We Still Fall in Love)” below.

Parker Woodland, “The World’s On Fire (and We Still Fall in Love)