Premiering Paint Fumes' Dicey New Video for "Dice Eyes"

Life is always a whirlwind of chaos for Paint Fumes, even before COVID-19 roughed up the world—but that’s never stopped these true blue gritty rock ‘n’ rollers from Charlotte, NC, from remaining wild at heart.

Before their European tour was cut short due to coronavirus, their van got robbed in Barcelona, one of their first stops. The added costs of their stolen items, the tour cancellation, and flight changing fees have left them, in punk terms, financially fucked. You can still help them out by donating to their GoFundMe or sending them some funds via PayPal @paintfumes.

However, even with all their misfortune, they make sure to keep their creativity flowing and have thrown the dice with their new video for “Dice Eyes.”

We feel as lucky as rolling a 4-5-6 in cee-lo to premiere this rad claymation video for “Dice Eyes.” The song is from their most recent LP What A World, an album bursting with fast and dirty punk riffs, reminiscent of early ’70s NYC street punk. The clay Paint Fumes figurines are shown barfing their guts out and huffing their namesake while hanging out. The scenes of the trio individually singing the lyrics with dice spinning in their eyes were self-filmed separately while in quarantine.

Try your luck at the roll and watch “Dice Eyes” below.

Paint Fumes, “Dice Eyes”