Premiering NYC Hip-Hop Artist Kahiem Rivera's Debut LP 'Bummer Boy'

When BTRtoday first chatted with Kahiem Rivera, it was in a dark Brooklyn cocktail bar and the wine was flowing. He let it slip that his debut album was almost finished, and we’ve been following this underground talent ever since.

Rivera’s beats are killer, his live performance is even more murderous, and his lines are a poetic straight shot to the heart. But even with these intimidating cool-guy rapper qualities, Kahiem Rivera is a down-to-earth sweetheart—and he shows it in his debut album Bummer Boy.

When first listening to Bummer Boy, you instantly fall in love with the smoothness of Rivera’s vibe and intricate instrumentation and musical experimentation. But once you let your mind focus on his lyrical brilliance, you realize it’s more than just a rapper’s delight—it’s Rivera unabashedly bleeding his soul out to his listeners. And though he gets dark and introspective, these are still some extremely fun tracks to get down to.

Bummer Boy is Rivera’s most collaborative production to date, featuring musicians like experimental Italian pop artist BIRTHH and Chicago indie-rock duo OHMME. Listen to the brilliant NYC-native’s debut album below and pre-save Bummer Boy here.