Premiering Molly Martin's Idealistic New Track "What You Need"

Life is devasting and sometimes you just have to embrace that and Molly Martin sets up her debut EP with just that mentality. The EP’s first single/ title track, “What You Need” is a song that keeps you standing while the world crumbles around you.

“Tell me what you want, I’ll give you everything that you need,” she sings with a twang of desperation in the back of her throat. “I’ll sacrifice my sanity.”

Static-y, fuzzy, and emotional, “What You Need” is a powerful melody from the heart. Rooted in true blue rock ‘n’ roll riffs and bluesy vocals, the track will have your heart pounding hard and your mind left in a world of nostalgia and wonderment.

The single officially comes out everywhere tomorrow, but you can listen exclusively before its release below. The whole debut EP, What You Need is out November 4—pre-save here!

Molly Martin · What You Need