Premiering LOLAA's Lyrics Video for the Shimmering Track "Shake My Hand"

From the album, La Marea—out July 22 on Arts & Crafts Mexico—the musical pair Lex Valentine and Nadia King sing about a crumbling relationship that just keeps hanging on.

“Shake My Hand” bursts with heavy emotions surrounded by shimmering instrumentation and melodic vocals about an addiction to a toxic love. It’s both beautifully truthful and a refreshing take on pop music. The dreamy melody compares to the likes of Gloria Estefan, early ’80s Madonna, and Paula Abdul.

“[The track] tells of a karmic relationship that you know is only meant to last for a little while, but it’s so hard to end because of the bond that has been created by both the trauma-loop that’s been going on for months/years and their magnetic attraction towards one another,” Valentine says. “The narrator battles internally with wanting her lover to fight for her and prove her wrong while knowing she has to kick the drug-like feeling so that she can finally heal and move on.”

Be the first to watch the lyric video to LOLAA’s “Shake My Hand” below and get your hands on the new album once it’s out here!