Premiering Kaz Mirblouk's Dark Pop Track "Title Sequence"

The way 2021 is going so far, the end might be near. So you might as well start off your new year by washing away your sins with Kaz Mirblouk’s shimmering synths and punchy wall of distortion.

The newest track “Title Sequence,” is an earful of intense melody, haunting vocals, and dark vibe. Don’t let the innocent track name fool you—”Title Sequence” encompasses a stunning sound that can be called anything from stoner synth to experimental goth or pensive ’90s rock, to name a few. Inspired by Smashing Pumpkins and written about the contrast between Mirblouk’s hometown and his current home, the song captures relatable ups and downs in life.

From the upcoming album, Careless by Contrast, out Jan. 22, be the first to listen to Kaz Mirblouk’s “Title Sequence” below. (Pre-order here!)