Premiering Jungle Green's Groovy Track "Josie's In The Back of a Pickup Truck"

This track will satisfy all your hip swaying needs while simultaneously giving you that post-punk angst you burn for.

Chicago’s Jungle Green isn’t afraid to combine opposing music genres. Everyone knows punk and disco had a feud, but it’s 2020 and we’re in the midst of a pandemic—it’s time to make peace. Jungle Green is taking funky swaying melodies and combining it with dark and eerie vocals bursting with synth and distortion. Frontman Andrew Smith says the band is constantly evolving in sound and vibe.

“We’re all big nerds who like a lot of music, so chances are we won’t be sticking with this sound for too long,” he tells BTRtoday. “I like this track because it ended up sounding to me like a New Order’s funkier, but less-talented brother.”

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Jungle Green · Josie’s In The Back of a Pickup Truck