Premiering Juana Everett's Empowering New Track "Wind Whistle Blow"

Homesickness hits differently when you’ve left indefinitely, and indie-pop musician Juana Everett knows it. Distance doesn’t make the heart grow fonder in this case—feelings of fear and insecurity are the ones getting stirred up.

Leaving her home in Madrid, Spain to live in Los Angeles, Everett felt lost and alone. She wasn’t part of a community anymore and nothing felt safe or familiar. But Everett managed to find beauty in this new state of existential dread and used it to empower herself. “Wind Whistle Blow” uses distortion, an upbeat melody, and stern yet flowery vocals to pull out and parade your inner strength.

“At the time that I moved to Los Angeles there was a lot that I had to figure out, a lot of work to do, and I had no idea of what the future looked like—uncertainty was hard to deal with and I had a lot of ghosts from the past in my mind that made me very insecure,” she tells BTRtoday. “It was a time of my life when I dissected everything and sometimes that mental space would paralyze me, so I’d repeat to myself, ‘keep moving, keep moving,’ to try to focus on just the day ahead and put myself in motion.”

Be the first to listen to “Wind Whistle Blow,” from the upcoming album Move On (out 1/22/21), below.

Juana Everett · Wind Whistle Blow