Premiering JJ Slater's New Jazzed-Up Psych-Rock EP 'An Obscure Moon'

Jake Slater, aka JJ Slater, uses the power of music to convey how he feels about leaving something, someone, or somewhere you love.

The newest EP, An Obscure Moon, is a detailed five-track story that takes listeners on an emotional roller coaster ride. Whether it’s the transition between a slow and sultry stand-up bass to an energetic pop melody or a distorted wail of the electric guitar to robust vocals, An Obscure Moon keeps things interesting and groovin’.

“Halfway between crisp singer-songwriter folk and blown-out psych music,” Slater says about the EP.  “I wanted to present [An Obscure Moon] in a way that, when played live, I can shout ’em solo, or blast ’em full band, or do anything anywhere in between—they are about leaving, [but] the next EP is a little bit more about coming home.”

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