Premiering Half Stack's Sad Cowboy Track "Morning Rain"

Bay Area’s Half Stack is showing the music world how contemporary Americana should truly sound.

“Morning Rain” from Half Stack’s upcoming album Wings of Love is drenched in that classic cowboy twang, but with a crisp and fresh take. Its combination of picking and slide guitar along with melodic electric guitar and lovesick lyrics shows a proper evolution of country music—one that hasn’t been tainted by pop stadium country.

Catchy yet heartbreaking, “Morning Rain” is relatable to more than just your average lone wolf outlaw wandering around the desert. “When I hear the rain cry/ I feel so lonesome/ and I’m scared to die,” the group bellows out. “When you hear me call your name/ walk me out in the morning rain.” Reckoning with mortality is more than just a cowboy’s game, and Half Stack is wrangling it in with country twang.

Be the first to listen to Half Stack’s “Morning Rain” below and get your hands on their sophomore album Wings of Love out this Friday, Sept. 25 by pre-order ing here.

Forged Artifacts · Half Stack – Morning Rain