Premiering H. Kink's Feisty Hollywood Squares-Themed Video for "Paws Off"

Last time H. Kink was on BTRtoday she was swaying in glee about a long-overdue breakup. Now she’s back—but with a whole new outlook on romance.

In H. Kink’s signature twangy melody, “Paws Off” tells you to keep your “damn dirty ass paws” off her man. In true Loretta Lynn “Fist City”-style, H. Kink uses her robust yet flowery vocals to show you who’s the boss in the most danceable way ever.

What better way to express this competitiveness between lovers than a Hollywood Squares game show? Quarantine didn’t stop H. Kink from keeping their music video fun and creative. The band members are featured competing against each other in the classic retro game show, even featuring a square occupied by the famous ’80s puppet, Alf.

Keep an eye out for H. Kink’s upcoming EP Men, due out July 24. Now, here’s your host H. Kink and from the middle square be the first to watch the video for “Paws Off” below.