Premiering Gymshort's Heart-Racing New Video for "I'm the Jeff Gordon of Our Generation"

It’s hard to include others in an inside joke, but Gymshorts have done it fast and accurately with this song.

“I’m the Jeff Gordon of Our Generation” blossomed from the band constantly teasing frontwoman Sarah Greenwell because she ends up doing all the driving when they’re on tour. The joke even went as far as Greenwell switching to a Jeff Gordon-themed guitar that she now uses for every show.

The speedy song and firey video get the Sprint Cup Trophy for insanely fun stoner garage punk—and nothing beats first place. The quick fuzz guitar riffs playing along to Greenwell talking trash to number 24 in her very own NASCAR vehicle will make your quarantine 100x more bearable.

Pre-order the Greenway vinyl seven-inch that includes this track from Gymshorts’ Bandcamp.  Though the colored vinyl sold out in under 24 hours, the band has some classic black vinyl that was originally meant for tour, but is now ready for your online purchasing pleasure.

Check it out below and get your heart racing to “I’m the Jeff Gordon of Our Generation” by Gymshorts below.