Premiering Gresham Cash's Video for "Why Not Mars?"

Indie artist Gresham Cash references a classic story of love and loss in the track “Why Not Mars?” and gets dystopian in the video.

Shimmering instrumentation and melodic guitar make this song easily lovable. The meaning of the song, however, is quite the opposite, suggesting a couple travel to Mars to leave the complications of their difficult relationship behind. Gresham creates urgency around romance while his sister Rebecca Cash (of Montreal) overlays gentle vocals, adding an extra blanket of emotions that makes this song powerful, relatable, and tragic.

“[The song] puts two star-crossed lovers on a quest for the perfect place or set of circumstances, [but] nothing quite fits, so how ’bout Mars?” Gresham tells BTRtoday. “The music video is a mini-documentary about our absurd and surreal lives, experienced both willingly and helplessly. It seems we are travelers of time, not space—but sometimes that distance from earth seems strangely appealing.”

In the video, Gresham travels around an almost post-apocalyptic world of COVID-19 while the song plays, desperate to find the place in the universe where love conquers all. Be the first to watch “Why Not Mars?” below—from his 2020 LP Any Day But Today.