Premiering Ghost Town Remedy's Crunchy Nashville Pop-Punk Thrasher "Meat Sweatz"

Just like countless punk songs, Ghost Town Remedy created the epicness of this newest single “Meat Sweatz” from a joke. Eventually, the humor just became too undeniably relatable, so it blossomed as a permanent track onto their upcoming album Dry Spell.

“[It’s] a goofy punk jam about getting nervous around your crush and comparing them to a finely cooked filet mignon while you’re just a well-done, dried up, slab of meat,” frontman TJ Maher says. “This song actually started off as sort of a joke/soundcheck song and we just ended up having so much fun playing it live that we decided to throw it on the record—I’m really glad it made the cut because I feel like it helps balance out some of the more serious songs on the record.”

Ghost Town Remedy uses “Meat Sweatz” to spotlight the raggedy, gritty, epically fun, and chaotic pop-punk coming out of Nashville, Tenn. right now. Sure, it’s a town known for country music and the occasional indie-pop band, but Ghost Town Remedy is over that. They’re here to burst into thrasher riffs and shout in-your-face classic punk rock philosophies—and “Meat Sweatz” does just that.

Be the first to listen to “Meat Sweatz” below and pre-save/order Ghost Town Remedy’s album Dry Spell here—out Nov. 20 on Never Nude Records.

Ghost Town Remedy · Meat Sweatz