Premiering Fast Preacher's Psych-Infused Track "Busted!"

Trying to peg Dan Hanson, aka Fast Preacher, int0 any specific genre would be seriously stifling your ability to get lost in his smooth and intricate melodies.

Chicago-based solo artist, Hanson’s music takes you on an electronic, yet bluesy rock ‘n’ roll journey that sometimes makes stops in the world of funk. This newest track, “Busted!” solidifies Fast Preacher’s boundless sound. Slow and distorted, “Busted!” lays down a tune that takes you far away. Right when you’ve gotten comfortable letting go to its sweet picks of the guitar and flowery vocals, it shocks you back into a new reality with sharp electric guitar and heart-pounding drum rolls.

With the new EP Figure It Out, out Aug. 7, Hanson recruits several of Chicago’s brightest musicians to contribute to its versatile sound, like Ohmme’s Macie Stewart and Waltzer‘s Chet Zanor. These musical minds combined ensure Figure It Out continues on a path through a genre-less realm.

Be the first to listen to the third single from Fast Preacher’s Figure It Out EP, “Busted!” below.

Fast Preacher · Busted!