Premiering Experimental Pop Artist Neia Jane's Video for "Break Ur Heart"

Boston artist Neia Jane uses echoing vocals accompanied by fluttering synth to express her heart’s battles.

Jane wrote her newest track as she was struggling with mental health, in a rut at her job, and as the person she loved was fighting with immigration. “Break Ur Heart” was born out of necessity to keep her entire being from completely shattering.

“I wrote ‘Break Ur Heart’ about the fact that sometimes in love, your circumstances will be really difficult and they will challenge you to grow,” Jane says. “This can be heartbreaking, but if you lead with love you can make it out of the crash and burn, and you can do it again.”

The video for “Break Ur Heart” is a wonderland of neon pink and fuchsias. Lights flash along to the melancholic melody blurring the line between reality and a romantic dreamland. Be the first to watch it below.