Premiering Ester's Video for the Tender Track "Wildfire"

Anna Holmquist, aka Ester, is an introspective indie singer-songwriter. They create music to meditate with and understand their personal evolution.

Their new song “Wildlife” is no exception—the sweet and tender track encourages listeners to start a passionate fire within. The lackadaisical song uses layered instrumentation and vocals to inspire an open mind.

Panda Landa, the filmmaker and star of the music video, matched with Ester on Tinder but the two never came together. During quarantine, however, after Ester watched Landa’s work and thought it would fit perfectly with their music. Though still unable to meet in real life, Ester and Landa were able to work together using technology and the scenic music video for “Wildfire” was born.

Be the first to watch the video for Ester’s serene track “Wildfire” below, where you can see a calmly dancing artist in nature become one with the flowers and rocks around them.

Ester “Wildfire”