Premiering Dylan Gilbert's Brooding New Music Video for "Epochs"

Life is a random collage made of chopped up imagery, emotions, and thoughts. Some parts are dark, sad, and confusing, while others are bright, beautiful, and profound—and you can always find these feelings together.

Dylan Gilbert’s “Epochs” is a song that evokes both the dark by using the light and vice versa. The video features him metaphorically and somewhat literally floating in the void. Draped in shimmering blues and violets, Gilbert floats in a rippling pool while echoing guitars and nightmarish vocals accompany him. Slowly the gibberish-like lyrics start to make sense and though the mood seems gloomy, you start to feel hopeful.

“This song feels like a scrapbook,” he tells BTRtoday. “Lyrically a lot of the themes I had been writing about were pretty bleak, so it was important to me to inject some humor and positivity.”

Listen and watch “Epochs” below and stay mentally prepared to join Dylan Gilbert in the ether for his debut solo album I’ll Be the Lakebed, out Oct. 2.

Dylan Gilbert, “Epochs”