Premiering Douglas' Dreamy Pop-Grunge Track "Seventeen"

You’ve just awoken from a blissful dream. The memory of it is already fleeting, but you’re able to hold onto that sleepy euphoric feeling. That’s what it’s like listening to Douglas’ newest song “Seventeen.”

“I woke up this morning and felt like I was seventeen/ I couldn’t sleep, I was stuck on a dream I had of you again,” the song begins, accompanied by a combination of garage rock, ’90s grunge, and melodic pop that swirl beautifully together like colors on an acid trip. Synth, echoing vocals, and a steady beat create a song that’s perfect for nothing laying down and falling into a hazy world of imagination or feeling fueled and dancing like you’ve got something to celebrate.

Amy Douglas White, or simply Douglas, uses her split heritage as a source of inspiration. Coming from Spain and the U.S., she’s always had trouble defining herself. Instead of letting that stunt or frustrate her, though, she taps into her unique source and walks the musical world with a universal passport. She expresses the entire spectrum of emotions and genres in her music, and “Seventeen” is a perfect example that displays feelings like empowerment, happiness, fear, and even sadness.

From the upcoming debut album Ashes (out April 2), be the first to listen to “Seventeen” below. Pre-order Ashes here!