Premiering Daydream Review's Psych-Disco Track "Yesterday and Tomorrow"

The mind-melting Chicagoans known as Daydream Review are gearing up for the release of their debut self-titled EP, which is coming soon. In the meantime, “Yesterday and Tomorrow” is the first taste of their psych-disco grooves.

It’s a track that’ll have you reveling in fleeting moments of clarity amidst a fuzzy, echoing melody of enchantment. Using synth, electric guitar, and delicate vocals, “Yesterday and Tomorrow” gets you grooving and moving and looking forward for the future.

“In those [fleeting] moments, there’s almost a destruction of self as you move on to a better state of mind,” says frontman Elijah Montez about the song. “I think parts of that come with mourning the past, as well as your expectations for the future—in the end though, you look forward to new possibilities and ultimately feel relieved to be moving on.”

Be the first to listen to “Yesterday and Tomorrow” below.

Daydream Review · Yesterday and Tomorrow