Premiering Coco Verde's Eerily Romantic New Track "Ghost Romances"

Last we heard from Coco Verde they were scratching their troubles away with the 2019 single “Itchy Itchy Itchy.” It was a raw blend of folk-like poetry and chanting punk-esque lyrics with a beautifully bare and fun upbeat melody.

Now they’re back with another single, but this time they dig deep into their emotions to produce a melancholy sound that conveys morbidness and sweetness all in one. Though their 2018 debut album Marathon also revealed a reserved lovesick side to the group, “Ghost Romances” puts all their cards on the table.

“Ghost Romances” uses melodic reverb and synth under wooing vocals, creating an anthem for anyone coming to terms with heartbreak. Singing about a love you can still feel flowing through you—but you know isn’t really there—courageously displays a broken heart we can all relate to. It’s the track to play while you’re alone with your thoughts—perfect for quarantine.

“‘Ghost Romances’ is a tune soaked in nostalgia, fading friendships, addiction, and summery days on inner tubes at Far Rockaway,” frontman Julian Anderson tells BTRtoday. “It is a tune for those who toll the bell of ephemeral love.”

Be the first to listen below and embrace your nostalgic heart.