Premiering Buckle Bunny's Broken-Hearted Outlaw Track "Lizard Brain"

Buckle Bunny keeps all the sad cowboy/honky-tonk angel essence of country music—but that’s about it. The rest of their sound doesn’t quite lasso in that original country vibe their home city of Birmingham, Ala. is so well-known for.

Instead, the four-piece has reigned in a new kind of twang that ropes together rock, pop, indie, and blues.

There are still obvious old school country influences, like Loretta Lynn’s toughness and Patsy Clines lovesick blues-ness evident in their sound. But the debut single “Lizard Brain” from their upcoming EP Pet Speak reveals that many genres are a snake in their boot.

Sweet vocals from frontwoman Kaydee Mulvehill swirl around you like dust at a rodeo. Accompanied by echoing instrumentation that takes on a more garage rock feel, “Lizard Brain” is a perfect intro to Buckle Bunny. The single sets the stage for a promising group who are using their Alabama roots to evolve a sound that’s riding in a new kind of broken-hearted outlaw.

Pet Speak is slated to come out October 21. In the meantime, get an exclusive listen to the debut single “Lizard Brain” below before its release this Friday.

“Lizard Brain”