Premiering Branjae's Funky Fun Quarantine Recording for "Free Facts"

Last year might have kept us indoors and in solitude, but that didn’t mean we were alone. Branjae proves just that with the video for “Free Facts.”

Shot in a behind-the-scenes style, you can see these five musicians create a masterpiece together through a video conference call. “Free Facts” is a groovy number about keeping yourself educated. “I’m gonna need the facts to set us free, only the facts can set us free,” Branjae sings with her sultry vocals, making the powerful meaning of the song that much more poignant. These lyrics sound like what all of humanity should be chanting right now, but with a slapping bassline and catchy brass going strong in the background.

“Willful ignorance is a way to relinquish responsibility,” Branjae says. “Some folks want to remain ignorant just so they don’t have to change—when we look at the facts and available information around us, we become empowered with knowledge and are less likely to be controlled.”

Edited by producer/guitar & keys player Nathan Wright, be the first to watch Branjae’s “Free Facts” below!