Premiering Blue Spruce's Animated Thrasher "A Song For You"

Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re thinking about someone until the thought of them just unexpectedly bursts out of you. NYC’s Blue Spruce explains that feeling in “A Song For You” through ripping guitar riffs, distorted melodies, and fast-paced vocals. Though the instrumentation is advanced and the lyrics are practically literary, “A Song For You” is extremely easy for any listener to relate to.

The band self-produced the intricately animated video, which comes out along with the release of their new EP, also titled A Song For You. Frontman Miles “Blue Spruce” Alexander says, “while the title track is about the exciting start of a relationship, the remaining three tracks explore the sadness, anger, longing, and eventually forgiveness of when the relationship ends.”

Blue Spruce is also working on their sophomore LP The Poison In The Ice, slated to come out Oct. 28. Be the first to watch “A Song For You” below.

Blue Spruce, “A Song For You”