Premiering Blesson Roy's Video for "Let It Go" by Emmy & Grammy Nominee Tom Gorai

Everyone has their own unique reaction when it comes to devouring art. When producer/director Tom Gorai heard artist Blesson Roy’s ethereal track “Let It Go,” his experience went beyond satisfying consumption.

Gorai has been nominated for both an Emmy and Grammy, and he won MTV’s Video of The Year award for his production of Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy.” He’s also known for his music video production with artists like Nine Inch Nails and A Tribe Called Quest. So when Gorai first became isolated during the COVID-19 lockdown, he knew he had to use his talent for visual art to contribute to the song that expanded his mind so much during that time.

“When I first heard Blesson Roy’s ‘Let It Go,’ it screamed at me loudly and I was deeply affected,” he says in his artist statement. “The next thing I knew is that, in this weird state of nothingness and stasis, I thought I could hear the song more clearly than ever before, so I took a deep breath and just focused on listening to the music. I put it on repeat and just listened over and over as I let whatever influences I was feeling direct me to put together light and color and patterns.”

The track is about releasing your burdens and feeling that emotional and mental weight lift off your shoulders. “Let It Go” lays down smooth indie-rock melodies combined with calming, breathy vocals to create a safe space within yourself. Gorai’s video pairs perfectly with the music by using light and color to paint an environment that emulates that safe feeling.

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Blesson Roy “Let It Go”