Premiering Blackout Balter's Wavy New Rocker "Surf"

Though miles from the coast, the Nashville-based rockers of Blackout Balter are bringing the waves to their rockabilly/indie vibes with their newest track, “Surf.”

It’s nothing new for the band to pack a punch of adrenaline in their melodically catchy tunes. The fourth single from their upcoming album Animal, “Surf” immediately kicks off with heart-pounding energetic instrumentation. Catchy vocals then hit you in the heart with adventurous emotions about chasing your dreams. “Surf” is a must-listen in order to survive this harsh 2020 summer.

“We wanted to cram as much stereotypic surf rock stuff into this song while slapping on a modern overtone and giving it a sharp outer-edge,” says frontman Phil Cohen. “But, thematically speaking, surf [rock] has a darker side, and—as far as the songwriting goes—it’s an attempt to juxtapose a happy, less-serious outer-shell with a deeper, more serious core.”

Animal is slated for release later this year. In the meantime, be the first to hear Blackout Balter’s “Surf” below and hang ten!

Blackout Balter · Surf