Premiering Binding Spell's Edgy New Track "Been Better"

A bluesy take on post-punk, Roger Poulin’s aka Binding Spell’s “Been Better” feels as dark and mysterious as it is relatable.

Written during the height of COVID-19 lockdown, “Been Better” is about the difficulties of adjusting back to single life after a long-term relationship breakup, while in the midst of a chaotic pandemic. Echoing guitars and catchy hooks keep things grooving while garage rock vibes rock you awake and keep you moving.

“I was actually thinking about cutting [this song] because I wasn’t feeling the vibe. Turns out it was because the vocals were a blatant Talking Heads knockoff, so Sara came in and fixed that in two takes,” Poulin says. “We were both in various stages of the end of long-term relationships, so the lyrics largely reflect the absurdity of trying to navigate that kind of personal nonsense when the rest of the world was/is in such shambles. I’m definitely glad I didn’t cut it and that Sara gave me shit about the vocals because it ended up becoming one of my favorite tracks on the album.”

From the upcoming album English Basement, out July 30 on Baby Robot Records, be the first to listen to Binding Spell’s “Been Better” below.