Premiering Belle Mare's New Echoing Love Song "What Haven't I Done"

If you enjoy getting sweaty at gritty underground punk shows in Brooklyn, then you probably recognize Amelia Bushell as the frontwoman of Grim Streaker. They’ve got songs that tell catcallers to fuck off and sexy little demons to come through and ones that smack you in the face with distortion and punchy lyrics about ADD or NYC.

Now that you know how badass Bushells is, it’s time to get to know her softer side. Belle Mare was actually the first band she started when she moved to NYC almost a decade ago. It’s completely different than Grim Streaker, with totally different members—Tara Rook on the keyboard, Rob Walbourne on drums, Thomas Servidone (co-writer) on guitar, and Gary Atturio (producer) on bass—creating a totally different sound.

While Bushell shouts, punches, and convulses on her knees while she fronts Grim Streaker, with Belle Mare she demonstrates her robust vocal ability with breathy and soothing singing akin to Angel Olsen or Lana Del Rey. The song premiering below, “What Haven’t I Done,” is a heartbreaking track about giving your all to love in vain. The airy and romantic melody takes a hold of your heart, while the lyrics catapult you into a whirlwind of your own nostalgia.

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