Premiering Been Stellar's Sacrificial Banger "The Poets"

The nihilistic song about complete self-sacrifice somehow also conveys self-party vibes—perfect for your self-isolation get down.

Inspired by literary pioneers such as Henry Miller and Milan Kundera, the newest track by NYC-based Been Stellar is about creatives stuck within a city burning their creative masterpieces to demonstrate the ultimate form of self-sacrifice. It sounds like a story that requires a dramatic orchestra to move you to tears.

However, “The Poets” unveils this story by using distortion, fuzz, fast beats, and chanting vocals that make you want to join in on dancing around that burning fire of self-sacrifice. Heck, it’s quarantine—we’re all sacrificing something right now anyways.

So light a candle and throw your own party with this new song by Been Stellar below.