Premiering Acetone 4's Somber New Video for "Linden Hill"

Get lost in snow-covered cemeteries and playgrounds with NYC’s experimental post-punk trio Acetone 4.

The song “Linden Hill” comes off echoing, harrowing, and shimmering and is paired with a video filled with dark scenes under grey skies or nightfall. However, the synth-driven track has an underlying playful feel to it—like a child playing hide-and-seek in a haunted house, oblivious to anything potentially horrifying.

“Named after Acetone 4’s local cemetery, the track is dedicated to the insular magic world that exists within friendships,” bandmate Ash Sabol tells BTRtoday. “Returning to childhood and grandma’s attic [to play] dress-up.”

Be the first to watch Acetone 4’s “Linden Hill” below. Also out today is their sophomore EP Shapeshifter, which you can listen to here—all profits go to SWOP Brooklyn (Sex Workers Outreach Project).