Premiering A.O. Gerber's Tender Track "All I've Known"

As quarantine continues, many people have tons of spare time on their hands. But whether you choose to be productive or use this time to relax, there’s one thing you can’t avoid, and that’s the heavy burden of introspection.

A.O. Gerber is here to help you transform that introspection into something as sweet as honey. Being alone with your thoughts isn’t always the most pleasant experience, but Gerber’s newest track “All I’ve Known” keeps you in a tender place while also working out those emotional muscles. The robust and flowery vocals of Gerber feels like a warm sweater being placed upon your shoulders, while the soothing/melancholic melody keeps your heart pumping.

“Because I worked on [this track] for almost three years, [I] had the most different lives over that time,” Gerber tells BTRtoday. “I learned a lot through the process [and] [this track] set the tone for the whole record.”

“All I’ve Known” comes as one of the singles from A.O. Gerber’s debut album Another Place to Need out May 22. Now, let yourself get deep in thought and be the first to hear “All I’ve Known” below.