Premiering a Lovesick R&B Song & Hilarious Stand-Up Skit from Josh Johnson

The multitalented artist Josh Johnson is really letting his multitalented-ness shine with this double premiere.

Get your first taste of Johnson’s art with the sultry & smooth lovesick R&B song “Why Don’t You Return My Love.” Bursting with an intricate melody that includes horns and harmonizing backing vocals, this track will melt your heart in your chest. Though the song describes a hopeless love, the tune stays lively and keeps things romantic.

“‘Why Don’t You Return My Love’ comes at the tail end of the first arc of the mixtape where I really wanted to delve into relationships and all the different outcomes that come from loving a person,” Johnson says. “Everyone involved in the [making of the] track has a deep love and understanding of funk and it’s why I was so excited to work on this track with them.”

Johnson worked with jazz musician Wayne Tucker and drummer Point Lobo for the track, supplying its retro vibe and burst of musical energy. But it’s not just “Why Don’t You Return My Love” that’ll have you falling head over heels in love with Johnson—his ability to get you laughing with the short skit of his stand-up comedy will make you obsessed.

The 1 minute, 22 second-long clip shows Johnson joking about creeping up on middle age and how weird it is. He compares how young kids and senior citizens can get away with a lot more in society than someone “Not Quite Old.”

So get your heart throbbing with “Why Don’t You Return My Love” before falling in love all over again with Johnson’s hilarious stand-up skit—both premiering below.

Get the Elusive mixtape by Josh Johnson on June 11 and stream more comedy acts by Johnson here.

“Why Don’t You Return My Love”


“Not Quite Old” comedy skit