Pinc Louds Gets Possessed By the East Village In "Spellbound"

Claudi aka Pinc Louds opens her arms to the hypnotism of NYC’s East Village. She uses the music video for “Spellbound” to express her love and appreciation for the lively and welcoming community. The song is gentle yet upbeat, with whistles and choruses that are easy to sing along to. It’s an all around good time for any and everyone, which the music video perfectly expresses.

“The song is about magic, and even with all that’s been going on this year, summer 2020 at Tompkins Square Park has been nothing short of magical,” Love says. “Little kids, old punks, dealers, trash bag performance artists, yogis, yuppies, salsa dancers, skater kids, all (safely) dancing and singing together under the giant Krishna tree in the hot NYC summer—it doesn’t get any better than this.”

Be the first to watch Pinc Louds’ “Spellbound” below. Plus, catch them performing live for free,e very Saturday and Wednesday at Tompkins Square Park in NYC’s East Village.

Pinc Louds, “Spellbound”