Party with David Croley Broyles in New Music Video for "Hot Water"

“Hot Water” is the debut of David Croley Broyles’ solo project, and this single really sets the stage for a musician on fire.

An energetic power-pop anthem, the track was written for the independent film Ham on Rye, which Broyles co-produced and acted in. The music video is a tongue-in-cheek take on “Hero” by Nickleback, which was part of the 2003 Spiderman film. Like the early 2000s video, they both have an outdoor overdramatic live performance and clips from their own film. But don’t let the comparison to Nickleback turn you off—”Hot Water” is way cooler.

“[When we] started editing Ham on Rye, we realized we needed more energy in the front of the film, [so] Ollie was born,” Broyles says. They then added a scene with the character Ollie and friends driving in a car listening to Led Zeppelin’s “Misty Mountain Hop,” but because of licensing cost, Broyles decided to go home and write his own song for the scene. “I went home and wrote ‘Hot Water’—like Ham on Rye, ‘Hot Water’ is about the moments of transformation in life when you get that nervous feeling in your chest, and your body is telling you to run, you better stay and take that leap into the unknown.”

The melody is reminiscent of 1970s rock and hair metal, making you want to get up and thrash along. Plus, there are double drummers, double key players, an excessive amount of musicians playing along, and a backyard full of rambunctious kids ready to rumble. Broyles says the over-the-top backyard party is to give the character Ollie in the film Ham on Rye everything he ever dreamed of, “the massive band, the girlfriend, [and] he’s the star.”

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