Paige Beller Takes On an Edgy Doo-Wop Style In New Track "So Much Water"

Paige Beller may be a solo act, but you’d never guess that from her robust use of instrumentation and harmonizing.

“So Much Water,” premiering below, is the second track to come off her upcoming debut LP I’ll Be Better (out this fall). It shows Beller’s talent in creating a unique sound that has a full-band feel. Inspired by doo-wop girl bands, but staying true to her DIY garage rock roots, “So Much Water” shows that the ’60s pop sound can have a dark side.

“Being a solo act, there isn’t much of a chance for harmonies in my live set—’So Much Water’ gives me the opportunity to use my loop pedal and incorporate my love of doo-wop and the girl groups of the ’60s,” Beller tells BTRtoday. “The writing of this song was heavily influenced by ‘Chapel of Love’ by The Dixie Cups, but with way more synthesizer.”

The video has Beller holding up the lyrics while quickly flipping through scenes showing many different sides of the LGBTQ+ artist. The echoing harmonizations paired with the melodic beat and experimental sound puts a song on a level of its own.

Be the first to watch Paige Beller’s “So Much Water” below and keep an eye out for her debut album I’ll Be Better out this fall on SofaBurn Records.