NYC's 95 Bulls Debuts "Crazy" While Riding In Style

All we’ve gotten from the new NYC rockers 95 Bulls so far is some hilarious behind the scenes footage on their Instagram and a virtual live performance from their place of inception (and employment), Our Wicked Lady. But now we’re really in for a treat, because BTRtoday has the honor of debuting 95 Bulls like a beautiful debutante at a ball with their music video for “Crazy.”

“It started as a joke but it got pretty serious when we drove to rural New Jersey to pick up giant Hot Wheels,” frontwoman Emily Ashenden tells BTRtoday.

The upbeat song that screams “I’m gonna make you crazy” is an epic rock ‘n’ toll thrasher. The video features the five-piece having a grand ol’ time riding around in children’s battery-powered cars and shooting some hoops. Though they all seem just like a bunch of pranksters who are ready to party, music is a serious part of their lives. All of 95 Bulls’ members also play in other NYC projects, like guitarist Zach Inkley who plays in Smock, drummer Zach Butler from The Mystery Lights, and even Ashenden herself who also fronts Ashjesus.

So, without further ado, we present 95 Bulls’ music video for “Crazy.” Party with them or get their name out of your filthy little mouth.

95 Bulls, “Crazy”