Nick Pagan Boogies to His Self-Imposed Limitations with "In A Cave"

Inspiration can strike anytime, even when you’re staring into a cave.
That’s what happened to Nick Pagan when he watched some of his friends put on a show in a literal seaside cave in San Francisco.  As he looked on awestruck, he knew he wanted to be a part of it.

“I was so inspired by that experience, I was like, ‘I gotta write a song that I would want to hear in that cave and play it in there someday,'” he tells BTRtoday. “[“In A Cave”] is about feeling stagnant, sidelined, either by circumstances or your own self-imposed limitations—that overwhelming feeling taking over to the point where you can’t stand it anymore, you gotta bust loose, run up a wall, tear shit up, and fucking boogie.”

The Latinx musician from L.A. knew he wanted “In A Cave” to be danceable, even though it was about the frustration of being stuck on the sidelines. The song sways like an oldie, with nodes to early rock ‘n’ roll and ’50s doo-wop, yet the overall sound feels fresh and infectious. He says the melody is a “Santo & Johnny, make-out-point swooning drag” inspired sound and calls the track a “mashed potato” song.

Be the first to listen to “In A Cave” below and get to swooning over yourself.

Nick Pagan · In A Cave