New Penfriend "Cancel Your Hopes" Music Video Navigates You Through A Toxic World

Sometimes your best efforts just aren’t enough in this world. What do you do then? Laura Kidd, aka Penfriend, uses her newest single to encourage you to keep thriving even in a hopeless place.

“[The track] is about doing everything you were told was right and then realizing the world’s going to end despite your best efforts,” Kidd says. “Left stranded by those who were once the grownups, our mission is to keep trying to appreciate the incredible fact of simply existing in this beautiful world while attempting to navigate the toxic parts of technology, live a meaningful life of use to others, love deeply, and learn to accept love while leaving as little of a negative trace on the planet as possible while doing so.”

The track is a beautiful combination of garage and pop rock. Though accompanied by the rolling images of landfills and polluting factories, the song is upbeat, empowering, and approaches issues with a robust attitude. The track comes from Penfriend’s upcoming album Exotic Monsters, out May 21, which you can pre-order here.

Be the first to watch “Cancel Your Hopes” below and start to feel optimistic about your future.