New Music Video Captures the Spirit of Rod Abernethy's "Birds in the Chimney"

It started when Rod Abernethy heard a strange rustling in his chimney. Within two weeks, he realized it was a bird’s nest. He quickly grew fond of his little chirping house guests, and even though they seemed to be up all hours of the night, he missed their sweet song once they learned to fly and left the nest. The song “Birds in the Chimney” was born in the memory of his feathered friends, who will live on forever.

“A choir of chirping happened all of a sudden, like a birdie rock festival,” he says. “This went on for two weeks, then all of a sudden, they were gone—Lisa Bastoni’s visual style for this video really captures the spirit of the whole experience.”

Abernethy’s masterful guitar picking and poetic folk chanting combined with a lively melody captures a wholesome moment when it feels like sweetness is hard to come by. The entire world seems like it’s up in flames, but this moment Abernethy shared with a family of birds captured in song provides us a drop of desperately needed honey.

From his upcoming album Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore (out Feb. 6), be the first to watch Rod Abernethy’s “Birds in the Chimney” below.

Rod Abernethy, “Birds in the Chimney”