MØAA Gets Post-Punk In Ethereal New Video for Debut Single "Exist"

There can’t be love without hate, light without dark, happiness without sadness. But do these opposites exist simultaneously or do they occur one at a time?

Born in Seattle, Wa., but currently based in Venice, Italy, Jancy Rae, aka MØAA, creates a world where these contradictions blossom together. Where yin and yang can slow dance hand-in-hand, and fate and time don’t worry about the consequences of their union. You don’t need to choose between love or hate in “Exist”—you embrace them both and encourage the chaos that may ensue while MØAA plays a soothing yet dark synth-fueled melody to go along.

“[‘Exist’ is] an ethereal and melancholic reflection about the coexistence of despair and hope when recreating oneself in isolation and anonymity,” MØAA says.

Be the first to watch MØAA’s “Exist,” the debut single off the moody album Euphoric Recall (out April 2 on WWNBB Records) below! Pre-order here