Mima Good Channels Her Inner Goddess in the Premiere of "Hydra"

From battling the negative people in your life to fighting the chemicals in your own brain, the struggle never ends. But Mima Good is here to assure you that you can and will be strong.

“Hydra,” the title track to the Brooklyn born-and-raised musician’s upcoming album, is an empowering, heart-pounding anthem. Hydra is the name of the nine-headed monster that Hercules had to fight—every time he’d cut off a head, another would grow. Mima Good uses Hydra as a symbol for the waterfall of struggles in life. Celebrate your victories in bettering yourself, of course, but don’t let the following mishaps keep you down.

An experimental beat with soulful vocals, “Hydra” is a song that is unafraid to face all the negatives in the world and tell them, “I’m not afraid of you.”

Be the first to listen to Mima Good’s “Hydra” below and keep an eye out for her album of the same name out in October.