LUNA AURA Reminds You Who You're Messing With in the Premiere of "HONEY"

If 2020 hasn’t taught you anything yet, well, you really must live under a rock. But at least let it demonstrates that you cannot stop fighting for what you believe in. Don’t let the haters get you down.

LUNA AURA, the LA-via-Phoenix musician, is a rebellious feminist encouraging everyone to full-heartedly be themselves through her music. “HONEY” is just one example of how her grungy powerpop bursts with individualism, inspiration, and empowerment. The track from her upcoming debut album THREE CHEERS FOR THE AMERICAN BEAUTY is the perfect anthem for anyone needing a little boost of self-confidence.

“I think most of us have experience with people underestimating us or making us feel small in order to make themselves feel bigger,” LUNA AURA says. “This is a song about chewing those people up and spitting them out.”

Be the first to watch the lyric video for LUNA AURA’s “HONEY” below. Plus, THREE CHEERS FOR THE AMERICAN BEAUTY comes out Oct.2, pre-order it here!