Listen to The Brooksidez's Edgy New Track "Feel The Pain"

After a year of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when the four members of The Brooksidez (Jonathan Adam-guitar/vocals, Steven Kurmemaj-drums, Graham Hindle-bass, Robert Marcello-keys/guitar)  finally got together, they were bursting to start writing music. Now, the NYC-based group has released their darkest melody yet—”Feel The Pain.”

Debuting with “Ghost Rodeo” at the end of 2020 and “NYDC” in early 2021, The Brooksidez set the stage for a more upbeat/indie pop kind of band. “Feel The Pain,” though, shows their grittier, NYC-in-a-dark-alley side and directs the band down a much edgier path. The combination of distortion, synth, and shouting lyrics make this track emotional, dark, and even trippy at times.

“It was largely a result of what we’ve all been dealing with spending 2020 in NYC, I think ‘Feel The Pain’ is an outlet for that existential frustration, refracted through the lens of a scorned lover,” Hindle says. “We hope most people can relate to the song’s energy as we start to come out of this together.”

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