Listen to "Losers", the Newest Single from Welcome Center's Upcoming Sophomore EP

The American duo Jesse Smith and Aaron Sternick were men of the road, constantly highway-bound and exploring the country. They eventually formed Welcome Center and used their wandering spirit as inspiration for their experimental pop-synth/post-punk tunes.

Now, gearing up to release the sophomore EP Talk Talk Talk (out July 16), they’re sharing their catchy new single “Losers.”

The groovy track is their most disco-infused yet. Welcome Center is usually known for their full melodies that are heavy with intricate instrumentation and experimentation. With “Losers,” however, the two decided to keep it simple with an energetic melody paired with smooth vocals. But don’t let the pop-centric vibes fool you—the song actually tells quite a tragic story.

“I crafted this story about two forlorn lovers living on the edge of society, longing for a purity they never had—it’s a bittersweet, coming-of-age tale about two addicts,” Smith says. “I don’t think that’s immediately obvious thanks to the upbeat music, which stands in stark contrast to the lyrics, [but] that wasn’t by design. It just shook out that way after dealing with everything that happened last year.”

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