Listen to An Exclusive Pre-Release of Adir L.C.'s EP 'Future, Tense.'

This new EP from indie artist Adir L.C. instantly reveals what it’s all about in the name. Future, Tense. uses four-tracks to convey what everyone has been feeling and, given how 2021 has kicked off, will continue feeling—tense.

“[The EP] is about love at the end of the world as we know it, our power as a pack, and fragility in apathy,” Adir says.

Adir was able to record Future, Tense. before the pandemic prevented any further interaction with his bandmates (Chris Daley, Danny Nosonowitz, Yonatan Peled) and producer (Adam Reich). Now, Adir has moved overseas to start a family with his wife, and feels extremely fortunate as he listens back to these tracks.

Each song instantly stirs up a hodgepodge of emotions. Catchy indie melodies along with melancholic-yet-hopeful lyrics create a relatable scenario. The easy-to-tap-along-to guitar nuzzles itself inside your brain and warms up the soul.

“I’m so excited to finally be able to share these songs with the world and enjoy the thought that they might bring folks some hint of inner peace,” he adds.

Future, Tense. doesn’t officially come out until Feb. 18, so catch your exclusive pre-listen below and place your pre-order here!