Lisa Crawley Gets L'Esprit de L'Escalier in New Song "The Right Way"

It’s devastating when you can’t find the right words at the right time. You sit there mumbling jumbled-up sentences trying to convey an emotion—only hours later when you’re alone with your thoughts are you able to eloquently explain yourself.

New Zealand artist Lisa Crawley sings about a similar situation in her new track “The Right Way.”

A simple melody with smooth tones and catchy hooks has never felt more emotional and extremely relatable. Giving off serious moody Fiona Apple or Cat Power-vibes, “The Right Way” is an anthem for all of humanity.

“I’m the kind of person that will be haunted at 2 a.m. by suddenly remembering something stupid I accidentally said to someone five years ago, or forever being haunted by waving back at someone who was actually waving to the person behind me,” Crawley says. “So when I fail to communicate what I want to in the present moment with someone, whether it be apologizing, sticking up for myself when I’m being put down, or telling someone that I care about them, it sticks with me for some time and I’m forever left thinking about what I would say or do if I could turn back time.”

Be the first to listen to Lisa Crawley’s “The Right Way” from her upcoming EP Looking For Love (In A Major)—out July 23—below.