Kino Motel Goes Back to the '70s In Live Performance Video for "Simple Desire"

We all have that vintage live performance we love to watch and rewatch on YouTube of some now nonexistent band. Kino Motel channels that energy into their live recording of “Simple Desire.”

Dreamy in a mind-bending kind of way, the video flows around the musicians like thoughts running through your mind. The song feels like it’s blossoming right in front of your eyes, as if fate created it to be captured right there in that live moment. The hazy melody pairs beautifully with the smoke filled, cavernous-like void they recorded in. Kino Motel says they played each of the songs several times, only stopping briefly to snack on sushi and grapes.

“We came up with the plan to channel a 1970’s live-on-air look,” the band says. “Not the flower power side of the ’70s, but later, when everyone’s a bit grizzled and the trip is more or less over (but people still wear jumpsuits)—now when we look back at the video, it feels so damn nostalgic we think ‘man I wish I’d been there.'”

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